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Digital Empowerment BlogTricks

Google Mine, Now, Facebook Reader and ADS Report: BizUpdate n.8

This week, for our traditional appointment with BizUpdate, we will concentrate on news from Big G. and Facebook, that have been battling each other with daily updates. Google Mine: share your objects Google Mine is here,  a platform that is integrated with Google+, dedicated to the exchange and sharing of real objects:  the tool is still in its testing phase at Mountain View but [leggi]

SEO Tools: How to monitor SERPs with Google Drive

For our weekly appointment with BizUp's tutorial, thanks to today's "How to" we will concentrate on the use of Google Drive to create files that allow us to monitor and archive, in a semi-automatic way, the results for a certain SERP, to keep track of the positioning of different websites (for example your website or the website of a competitor) and the [leggi]

BizUppers: interview with Manuel Parrilla – Senior Online PR Specialist

As usual, every Monday on our blog, we host an interview with a BizUpper: today we "fly" to Spain to Manuel, Senior Online Pr Specialist. B: Hi Manuel.  From Seville to Rome:  what brought you to Italy?  Tell us a little bit about yourself, your professional experience and your passions.  M: Hi.  As you said, I am Spanish.  In 2006 I "landed" [leggi]

Instagram, search, Twitter and Google Now: BizUpdate n.7

On the day that officially gives way to the summer and that marks the end - for some, at least - of the work week, there is still room for a small summary of what has happened this week in the world of the web. Instagram opens itself to videos The "hot" news, which almost meets the external temperatures, is from a [leggi]

BizUppers: interview with Maya Sabbatini – online PR Specialist

For our column dedicated to the BizUp team , today we will meet Maya Sabbatini, online PR Specialist in our Rome office. B: Hi Maya.  We would like to welcome you to our BizUp blog.  Tell as a little about yourself:  what do you do at Bizup and what are your passions? M: Hello everyone! I tripped into the Digital World somewhat by chance, by opening [leggi]

Waze, Mobile SEO, Facebook, Majestic SEO: BizUpdate n.6

This week's BizUpdate is the emblem of sun and the summer weather: before we get our towel and bathing suit ready for a weekend at the beach, lets dive into the main news of the last few days in the Digital world .  We have selected a few developments regarding  Social Media, Tools, Mobile SEO and new acquisitions. Google vs Traffico: Big G. buys Waze It has [leggi]